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Letters to the Editor

An Army on the move

I was very interested and encouraged by Commissioner Philip Swyers’ article in the May 31, 2005 New Frontier. When you are in a small corps and not able to visit and fellowship with other corps, you feel the Army is at a standstill. Now, I’m sure the Army will be an Army on the move and great and greater things will be happening. In my over 75 years of being active in the Army, I have seen many changes; once again I think the Commissioner has us on the right track.

Dorothy Woodward
Yakima, WA

Thank you

It’s been about three weeks since I received the New Frontier Trailblazer award. It’s been an overwhelming and humbling experience. Certainly, corps people and other helpers deserve to share this award. Thank you for this honor and recognition.

As I travel through this journey of life, I feel God must have a purpose for us here. He gives us certain talents and resources to accomplish his purpose. Sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle, but he is always there to uphold us.

Lily Chin
San Francisco, CA

Holy Spirit is a person

The article by Erin Dabis in the May 31, 2005 New Frontier entitled “Weeping Heart” describing her visit to the haunts of evil in Vancouver was indeed admirable. She must have needed much prayer and courage to go through such an experience.

There is a concern, however, to the reference to the Holy Spirit as “it.” Doctrine 3 of The Salvation Army declares that the Holy Spirit is the third person in the Godhead.

Miriam Kitching Davey
Citrus Heights, CA

The Call

Thanks [to Lisa Bingham] for joining the ranks of Army writers. (New Frontier June 11, 2005) I was disappointed, however, that a very good article was so officer-centric… Most people who are called and respond with years of committed service are not officers. You aptly pointed out Joseph, the public servant. I have a friend who committed her life to teaching for low pay in a Christian school. The wonderful point you made, that “one size fits all” isn’t reality, could be confirmed by lay leaders as well as employees.

My bias is that we vitiate our vision by assuming “The Call” to be limited to officers. Shouldn’t we at least include local officers and soldiers?Paul Bollwahn, ACSW, CSWM
Lt. Colonel
National Social Services Secretary, NHQ

No longer afraid

No longer afraid

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