Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Thank you so much for asking your readers to pray for our son, SPC Jonathan Tollerud, as he leaves for overseas duty in Kuwait and Iraq in the US Army. What a wonderful encouragement for Jon and a great Christian support for the whole family!

We wanted to clear up the fact that Jon is a soldier at the Denver Citadel Corps. While he has enjoyed the Santa Clara Citadel Corps when visiting us, his faithful friends in Denver have been a tremendous support to him. In fact, since we were not able to attend the family meeting before Jon’s deployment, his corps officer, Capt. David Shull, and the DYS, Capt. Ron Fenrich, accompanied Jon! We are thankful that soldiers from both corps continue to pray for Jon.

This is a great Army family—and now others will also pray for our son! We are very grateful.

Doug & Sherry Tollerud
Corps Officers
Santa Clara Citadel Corps

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