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Letters to the editor

“Under God”
Ever since this story (Elk Grove School District) first came out, I have been walking around saying, “How did this guy get this far? How are his beliefs any more important than mine?” The mother has a voice in it but, as you said (On the Corner, April 22, 2004), no one has heard from the daughter. If she doesn’t want to say those words [“under God”], she doesn’t have to.
Isabelle M. Barks
San Diego, CA

Worship & Diversity
Everyone within our church (Altadena Baptist) and most who are familiar with our church are well aware of our ethnic and social diversity; over the years, it has been one of our strongest assets, as well as one of our biggest challenges. The way I see it, our diversity in corporate worship has revealed itself in three ways:

1) We demonstrate worship diversity in practice. One individual might be thankful for the sonata played on the oboe by Amanda Stanfield; another was moved by the “killer timbales solo” played by Robert Ottaviano. Although our music leans slightly towards the “contemporary” end of things, we never want to forget or ignore the rich resource of traditions and experiences represented within our congregation.

2) We demonstrate worship diversity in progress. We didn’t get to this point all at once. There were many different points of view along the way. Instead of feeling the need to choose “one or the other,” we chose to listen to each other, be patient with each other, and God continues to bless us (despite ourselves!).

3) We demonstrate worship diversity imperfectly. At the end of the day, we’re still the same, imperfect, flawed humans we were at the beginning of the day. To me, it’s actually a relief and a huge reason to praise God. He accepts us in spite of ourselves.
Glen R. Molina
Altadena, CA

(Molina has served as part of a musical mission team during impact services at Pasadena Tab)

Partners in compassion

Partners in compassion

by Ted Horwood, Captain –  April marked a month of several missionary

The officer moves are here again…

The officer moves are here again…

Adapted from workshop presentations by Major Carol Seiler and Tom Walker,

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