Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Child Sponsorship

In response to a recent article, “Creativity in Action” (Feb. 8, 2003), Commissioner Linda Bond made a list of suggestions to take an hour a week to make something happen. I would like to add child sponsorship. Take an hour to contact the Overseas Children’s Sponsorship program.

I am in my 13th year of child sponsorship. After starting with one child in 1990, I now have seven children–in Costa Rica, South America and India. One girl in the Philippines has recently graduated. She will now go to college for her nursing degree. All this started with her being sponsored at age nine. Six children now have been graduated. All are testifying Christ in their lives.

It costs $20 per month per child. This money gives shelter, medical benefits and an education for the child. Also, instead of sponsoring an individual child, the donation may be sent for the home itself. In the third world countries even firewood can be scarce.

Don Koski
Hayward Corps, Calif.



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