Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

I am moved to write today after the inspiring read of New Frontier April 20. The spread of story and great photographs on Sue Warner’s recent visit to Israel was very well done. She is to be congratulated on both telling pictures and very descriptive writing. It adds to the understanding of prayer that is offered daily for peace in the Middle East. Thank you for being able to support that concern with so factual reporting.

The front cover was also so well done, with the very appealing picture of the African child.

Once again the trumpet blast from Bob Doctor is a call to be heard and heeded. His sentiments resonate with me and I pray that others in places of influence will initiate action that he calls for to begin the process of advocacy in the highest places on behalf of social justice.

Terry Camsey is also another favorite contributor. He keeps coming up with good angles and great ideas for stimulative contemplation and discussion starters among folks in my Army circle.

John Smith
CSM Ballarat Corps
Victoria, Australia

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