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It was a sad day to see so much paper taken up by Dr. Smedes’ views, especially when the major ones were not to be found in the Bible to his way of thinking, and also to the thinking of the Salvation Army.

Patricia Symthe

Long Beach, CA

Songsters at Crystal Cathedral

In the June 30 New Frontier a letter offers criticism at the lack of discernment and failure of Christian education within the Army in regard to “spotting counterfeits”–which allegedly led to the Pasadena Tabernacle Songsters singing at the Crystal Cathedral.

The Songsters…represented 1,324 years of ministry experience, including 485 years of studying and/or teaching Christian doctrine…(and) are a collection of battle-hardened warriors ready to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to the world. By appearing on the world-wide television broadcast of the Hour of Power, we were able to bring a sound, biblical message to over 100 million people who turn to it weekly for some measure of spiritual food.

We have received word from many around the world who were moved at the message of our music. Some have spoken of their renewed desire to become active once again in worship at their local Salvation Army. At the Crystal Cathedral, the response has been so great they have asked us to return in 1997 when General Eva Burrows (R) will deliver the sermon.

Fred C. Rasmussen

Songster Logistics Coordinator

Pasadena Tabernacle, CA

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