Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Jesus and the NRA?

It was with interest, and some surprise, that I read the letter from Calvin N. Brice, (Oct. 15, 1999). Surprise that an intelligent and educated man should fall into the trap that “Scripture supports” his argument. Doesn’t he know that, if one wants to use Scripture, one can find a support for just about anything?

Let us look to what we are supposed to be about–following the example set forth in the New Testament. We worship and try to follow our Lord. Somehow, I can’t see those eyes squinting down the barrel of a gun. Strong, though, he must have been from all the years of working as a carpenter, I cannot see those hands of healing loading bullets, or those hips slinging a holster and a pair of six-shooters.

Even when Jesus was angry, and vented his anger–it was at what the people were doing (and so he turned over the tables of the money changers). His anger was not vented at the people, resorting to hurting, maiming, or killing them.

Even when attacked in the garden, and a disciple “defen-ded” him, he healed the wounded soldier. In the modern question of today, let’s ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?”

If you can put Jesus in the National Rifle Association, then I wonder what Bible you are reading, Mr. Brice.

Shirley Prince
Pasadena Tabernacle

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