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Letters to the Editor

WMI Final Concert

If Malibu’s water problems made for a last-minute change of venue and a two-and-a-half hour drive from Los Angeles to camp, it was well worth it! (New Frontier Sept. 11, 1999) The atmosphere was electrified by the vigor of youth: both talented and focused. It was a shining demonstration of the ability of the Army to project the gospel in a wide variety of well-executed musical forms and drama. We praise the Lord for the privilege of this experience and wish to convey heartiest thanks to the staff of WMI, which seems to get better every year!

Carol Pontsler

Never on Sunday?

I find it very hard to believe the information received recently that the Adult Rehabilitation Center is opening the stores on Sunday. I know we have drifted a long way from the “Blue” laws which were in force at one time, but have we drifted so far from the law given to Moses regarding the Sabbath day? Personally, I am shocked and sorrowful that to operate our centers we need to lower our standards to the level of the super markets in chasing the dollar.

Jim Paterson
Tustin Ranch Corps

Yuillogistically Speaking

You passionately proclaim yourself “pro-life” (New Frontier July 1999). I am pro-life. Why, therefore, do we hold such different views?

Your points are not supported by Scripture. Let’s consider them in order.

1. Guns have no purpose except to kill, and you have no idea why a Christian would want one.

  • Guns offer protection in a drug-crazed society.
  • People in Bible times carried weapons for defense…The Bible tells us that Peter carried a weapon.
  • The whip was a weapon in Bible times, and Christ used one in the temple.
  • The list of Old Testament followers who used weapons is impressive. Many used them on God’s instructions.
  • The nation’s founders declared that our rights came from God, and the Bill of Rights was written to prevent government from imposing tyranny upon us.
  • 2. The death penalty cannot be morally supported because courts sometimes make mistakes.

    Tragic mistakes arise from failures in our criminal justice system. Our task is to work to improve that system. As a lawyer and judge I have long worked toward that goal. Come to the courts of this country. Listen to the testimony regarding the agony of the dying victim, the boasting of the accused, the devastation of family and community. It is pro-life to attempt to deter such conduct.

    3. You believe that non-violent resistance is ultimately more effective than war.

    As a young Marine officer I was thrust into the crucible of combat. I saw the sacrifices some made so that liberty might survive…I did not want to go to war, but the Bible instructs us to render unto Caesar his due.

    4. You do not understand why anyone would want to kill an animal for sport.

    Large herds without natural predators exhaust the food supply. Without hunting permits, the herds would be overtaken by hunger.

    Permit me to introduce myself. I am a born again, blood bought, Christian conservative. I have been a soldier of Phoenix Citadel for over 60 years and I am a retired sergeant major. I am also a member of the National Rifle Association. One of my sons is a past national champion.

    I believe the Second Amendment is one of the foundations of America’s freedom, and I have and will defend the Bill of Rights.

    I believe the Bible is inerrant and infallible and I have studied it most of my adult life. It commands us to hold forth Christ as Moses held up the brazen serpent in the wilderness. If we do this we’ll have no need to fight snakes.

    The New Frontier is closed to those holding my views, but I am a person of “good will” and “common sense,” and my reasoning is well thought out and not “perverted.” I just happen to hold different views from yours.

    As for you and the New Frontier, let me say as an old high school debate coach that it is hard to lose a debate when no one else is permitted to speak, but one-man debates are never much fun nor informative.

    God bless you and your ministry. I’ll look forward to meeting you in person.

    Calvin N. Brice, CSM (R)
    Phoenix, Ariz.

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