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Letters to the Editor

Concentrating on God

In reference to the article, What the Church Should Preach On (back page, June 13th edition). Lt. John Van Cleef has echoed my feelings and frustrations about the present focus of the church. We become presumptuous, believing that we can somehow legislate morality, which is not an external manifestation, but a condition of the heart. Conse-quently, we neglect to love individuals who are only as fallen as we are. God alone changes hearts.

Thank you for reminding us to concentrate first on our relationship with God, and secondly, to love others as we do ourselves.

Terry Youngs
Intermountain Division

Small world

For quite some time my family has been receiving New Frontier. I have always asked myself whether you are the Robert Docter who visited Hamburg with the Hollywood Tabernacle Band in 1964. My parents were the DC’s at that time and I was 14 years old. When I read the February issue’s “On the Corner,” I got the answer!

Until 1995 I still played the trombone Frank Moulton’s father donated to me as a constant reminder of his son Frank here in Germany, where he died [in a car accident]. The instrument was bought from the money Frank’s colleagues collected after his death.

As our son (17) has taken a great interest in Salvation Army bandsmanship, I cut out our article for him to share your thoughts mentioned in your list of learnings. My parents, Lt. Col. and Mrs. Flade, are still alive, and in their retirement they do the Army’s missing persons work in Germany.

Margrit Kumm-Flade

Yuill and guns

I, too, am pro life. I abhor babies murdered in the womb. I am repulsed by the Columbine High School murders. I am generally regarded as civilized and, by many, as a committed Christian who happens to be a Salvation Army officer.

It amazes me that New Frontier was used as a bully pulpit to vilify myself and others who hunt and fish (that’s killing, too, if you eat the fish). I was unaware that there is a different Biblical principle for killing and eating and for paying someone else to kill so you can eat. Three times Peter was told to “kill and eat.” (Acts 10: 13, 16)

William J. Mulch, Major
Sun City, AZ

…I must take exception to the foundation of your argument that “guns are bad.” You say you cannot understand why anyone would want to own a gun. I can equally say I cannot begin to understand how a person can believe an inanimate object is the evil.

I don’t like guns. I do not own a gun. I am happy the military has guns. It is a true statement that if only law breakers have guns, the rest of us would be at their mercy. I do not see why people such as yourself focus on the weapon as the evil, when you know that the evil is in the heart of the law breaker with the gun, not the gun itself. Take away the criminal’s gun (if it were possible) and you will still have a criminal; he will not reform in the slightest.

Warren Andreasen
Southwest DHQ

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