Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Kudos for Columns

“The Subtle Sin” really hit me. I am having a struggle with the “remote control,” especially on Sunday evenings. But as hard as it is for me to break away from that “good movie,” the Lord gives me the very boost I need to get up off the couch and head out the door for Sunday evening praise service. Thank you for the article and for the Scriptures found in Psalms 119:15-16.

Paulina J. Phillips
Haines, AK


Just over a year ago [after 24 years a bandmaster in Bristol, England] I was asked to become the head of music department in The Netherlands and bandmaster of the Amsterdam Staff Band. Every Sunday I visit a different corps in Holland and play in the band. [Because I believe a translator detracts from the message, I usually refuse one.]

I have been cutting out the articles “Focus” by Lt. Amy Reardon from your New Frontier and placing them in my “American” New Testament/song book. Because my thinking dries up pretty quickly, I will find one and get no small amount of refreshment from it.

Please accept my thanks, my warmest thanks, for the inspiration behind “Focus”; also to Lt. Amy Reardon for sharing her thoughts with this “dyslexic Dutchman”– “Old Brit,” really!

Don Jenkins
Head Music Department
Amsterdam, Holland


Many thanks for your inclusion of Lt. Colonel Sharon Robertson as a featured columnist. I have been reading her submissions faithfully since she began and especially enjoyed her article on “Practicing the Power Serve.” Every time one of my favorite writers ends his/her New Frontier career, I wonder how I’ll carry on without them. But, never fear! You always put someone in their place with just as much to say.

Barbara Blix
Cascade DHQ

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