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‘Bring on the Clones’

I read “Bring on the Clones” (Yuillogistically Speaking) in the March 7 New Frontier with some interest. As an attorney, I deal with ethical and human-rights issues regularly. I support the Army specifically because of its commitments to those same issues.

Your article, however, confuses both the issue of cloning and the scriptural story of Abram and Sarai. The concern with these situations should not be focused on the process of creating new life, but on the manner in which we treat all life. Life is a precious gift, whether it is “traditionally” procreated, “artificially” conceived, or even medically saved.

I believe human cloning will occur in the near future (if it has not already) and The Salvation Army should seize the opportunity to take a stand. The Army’s position should not be in opposition to cloning, however, but to discrimination against or mistreatment of anyone, regardless of how they came into the world.

Because you believe God gives life, you must also believe God could, if he wished, withhold life from the petri dish. The message, therefore, should be that God is the giver of all life, and that all persons are equal in his eyes and should be treated accordingly by our society.

Thomas R. Stillwell
Phoenix Metro Advisory Board
Phoenix, AZ

Harbor Light Shines

Hallelujah! How great to see Captains Larry and Victoria Shiroma and their incomparable ministry, San Francisco harbor Light and Lighthouse Corps, featured in the March 7 New Frontier. No matter what obstacles the world would try to place on them trying to remove God from this program by their funding, the Shiromas stand steadfast for Jesus.

Larry Hickman
San Francisco, CA

On the Net

Just finished looking for a past article and I found it (on the Internet). Thanks for having such a great homepage and layout. It was so very easy to navigate and to find what we were looking for. We miss our friends in the States and read New Frontier faithfully.

Thanks for having such a wonderful way to read the paper and having access to past issues.

A/Capts. Richard and Rebecca Huntley
Czech Republic (new address)

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