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Thanks from the children

Thank you for the excellent coverage you gave the Overseas Children’s Sponsorship Program. It was very well done and should make people aware of this important avenue of service for those children who are so needy in Army childrens’ homes, schools, and other facilities in all parts of the world. Hopefully, more sponsors will be motivated to help those children still on the waiting list.

Major Ruth Looker

Thanks to New Frontier and all those involved for the article on Child Sponsorship. As Sponsorship Director for the Caribbean Territory, I see the letters to and from the sponsors. I know how vital the donations are to the children and how meaningful the relationship between the child and the sponsor can be.
In this territory, the homes are very dependent on this program. There are more than 2,000 in 133 homes and schools sponsored by donors outside of the territory. On behalf of the children, we express our thanks to each and every sponsor.

Beth Saunders, Major
Caribbean Territory
via E-mail

News on the Net

Greetings from the Iowa City Corps in the Central Territory. We thank you for putting New Frontier on the Internet. We are glad to see all the news and articles from the Western Territory. Well done!

James Ma
Corps Sergeant Major
via E-mail

The Body Builder Unconditional Love

The Body Builder Unconditional Love

By Captain Terry Camsey –  My mother died yesterday



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