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On the Net
Congratulations on putting New Frontier on the Internet. In reading a copy of your publication that had been given to me by Colonel Ernest Miller (R) I found your E-mail address and URL at the end of your “Letters to the Editor” column.

I just finished reading your Christmas edition, enjoying it very much, especially Major Chick Yuill’s “We Know Who He Really Is.” Thanks to the internet, I don’t believe I will miss any future issue.

Charles H. Carpenter
Via E-mail

*We would appreciate being added to your mailing list. How exciting to see New Frontier on the net. What a tool.

Jeff and Esther Strain
Greensboro, NC
Via E-mail

*Cover to cover
How we’ve been enjoying New Frontier. We’ve been sharing it with some of our long-time friends…one reads it from cover to cover and has made a scrapbook of Dr. Bob Docter’s columns.

Elvera Byrket
Elkhart, Indiana

*Still love to get New Frontier and enjoy every issue. I don’t read them as thoroughly as I used to when that was part of the job, but perhaps enjoy it more now. I particularly enjoyed the front page (December 28). Both articles were well-written and stimulating. Thanks for another year of excellent work.

Bob Tobin, Colonel (R)
Via E-mail

*Corps growth
Recently, you had a major article on corps growth. One statement that stuck out was that the majority of the growth has occurred in the new openings.

That statement demands some analysis. The fact is, when an officer is appointed to a new opening, and is told to “build a corps for the kingdom” he is primarily interested in evangelism. On the other hand, if he is sent to an “established” corps, he is told to deal with the administration and financial problems. It is little wonder why growth has occurred on one hand and not the other.

Perhaps if this were looked at in depth, with some different models, it may make even more of an interesting study. For example, in any large community, it will have several large churches–how long has the pastor been in that appointment? Who is responsible for the administration? What I’m saying is that we expect growth in those corps where we send officers to do evangelism, but we shouldn’t expect much if any growth when the officer’s main interest and demands are administration and short term appointments.

Jim Mallery
Via E-mail

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