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Flagg on Politics

Major Deborah Flagg’s insightful essay about the position of Christians in today’s political arena was both a clarifying reflection on the ’96 election and a challenge for the future.

Here in Murrieta, CA, our local envoys, John and Marlene Jones, live a wonderful example of “. . .forming a community of redemption and love through which the voice of God might be heard . . .”

Marda Ewing

From Moscow

Greetings from Moscow. Recently got New Frontier and saw the WWW address. I checked it out and it’s great! Now I can get New Frontier within the month. Jennifer and I live outside downtown Moscow in a wonderful building. The top two floors house the Institute for Officer Training….we’re pretty isolated…so when we do get news, it’s wonderful!

Mark Fagerstrom, Captain
Moscow, Russia

Love the Bogles

I’ve been receiving New Frontier for the last month. Thank you. I’m most interested in what goes on with northern Oregon groups: Salem, Nehalem, Tillamook. I’m a Home League sewer for the Nehalem Outpost and love hearing what Envoys Phil and Nancy Bogle do.

Hornbrook, CA

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