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Literary Council

I heartily applaud your territory for entering into book publishing and inaugurating the Territorial Literary Council. The creative energy of the West, wedded to the blue ribbon Council that has been appointed, has to truly be one of the most salutary advents on the literary landscape of the Army.

I eagerly look forward to your contributions to the bookshelves of Army literature.

Henry Gariepy, Colonel (R)

Toms River, NJ

“Forever Young”

As a member of the Colorado Springs Advisory Board (and former member of the Pasadena Advisory Board), I receive and thoroughly enjoy New Frontier.

My favorite features are the columns written by Major Chick Yuill and Bob Docter. The Thanksgiving “On the Corner” (on aging) really struck a responsive chord. Currently, I’m working on a book on aging. Most of it will consist of quotations, drawn from my personal collection of 310 volumes of quotes, containing about 1.4 million quotations.

How wonderful to know that, in Christ, we are forever young.

Bob Kelly

Larkspur, CO

Of God and Country

It is a pleasure to read articles that not only make us think, but challenge us to expand our viewpoint. It was a great encouragement to read the wonderfully articulated article, “Of God and Country,” by Major Deborah Flagg. I cringe when all Christians are carelessly thrown under the same narrowly defined political umbrella. Major Flagg points to a better way. As Christians, we are called to be ‘salt and light’ in this world. It may not fly as a political platform, but it’s a proven method for living here on earth. In fact, ‘loving one another’ may be the only mandate that brings about lasting change.

Lisa Bingham

Western THQ

AA Volunteers

I have observed that local Salvation Army drug/alcohol rehab programs are now asking for volunteers to take meetings to patients each week.

What would your organization think of contacting various Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Intergroup offices soliciting group volunteers? AA has a central office home page and directory, though AA itself carefully avoids affiliation with-but not cooperation with-outside organizations.

Bill W.


“We Know Who He Really Is”

“We Know Who He Really Is”

Yuillogistically Speaking   By Major Chick Yuill – Regular readers of




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