letter to theEditor

letter to theEditor

Amazed by good works in the West


I received my anxiously awaited New Frontier yesterday and continue to be amazed at all the good works throughout our Western Territory: The Salvation Army requested to back up my favorite singer, Andrea Bocelli, and the City of Torrance continuing to work closely with The Salvation Army, and of course the grand opening of Salem, Oregon’s new Kroc Center. I so appreciate how The Salvation Army helps in disasters as I too am involved with disaster training with CERT in the central valley of California (I sure wish the Fresno Citadel could have more TSA disaster training).

Bob Docter’s On the Corner column “as actors” playing our part with our unwritten script starting with the word “don’t” was interesting.

Hap Wood
The Salvation Army, Clovis Corps
& Central Valley Board
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