Kroc Center keeps busy with HopeShare and SONday’SCOOL

Programs grow as outreach touches lives.

by Lynette Baker – 

he San Diego Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center has been actively involved in planning and implementing HopeShare and SONday’SCOOL programs, with the support of Salvationists and community members.

The HopeShare program recently had its first leadership rally, attended by Salvation Army officers and soldiers from Hemet, El Centro and the University Avenue corps, as well as individuals from three different churches in the neighborhood. Also present was Commissioner Joe Noland, who shared his vision for the HopeShare SONday’SCOOL program.

The video Altars In The Street was shown and a Safe from Harm class was also provided. As an “ice breaker,” participants enjoyed the challenge course at the Kroc Center; the challenge course also offered games that promoted team building skills. The day was full of team building, understanding the importance of the vision of the HopeShare program and preparing volunteers for their leadership roles.

In late January, 65 people attended the University Avenue Corps’ first SONday’SCOOL Praise and Picnic in the Park at Lake Murray in La Mesa. Families enjoying the park were invited to attend, along with people from the corps. The picnic began with a Bible story and songs, followed by lunch, games and crafts. It was a time to fellowship and meet with those who came to the park for an afternoon with their families. Bottled water was also handed out to those who were walking or jogging around the lake.

Every other month Praise & Picnic in the Park will take place at a different neighborhood park. Each alternate month it will be held at one of the venues at the Kroc Center.

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