“Kids Live” in Del Oro

Division celebrates its young people.

The Eureka Corps singing company [Photo by Tim Smith]

Del Oro Division’s sixth “KIDS LIVE” celebration took place in May at Camp Del Oro in Nevada City, Calif.

Supported by the Divisional Youth Band and Chorus—led by Bandmaster Derek Helms—the one-day event began with the audience singing—with hand motions—“Great Big God,” directed by Major Colleen Riley, divisional director of women’s ministries.

Each corps group presented musical selections and dramas. A highlight of the program was Divisional Youth Secretary Captain Shevaun Malone’s announcement of the Divisional Bible Competition winner. Of the three finalists—Chico, Eureka and Grass Valley—Grass Valley earned the overall champion award.

“We really enjoyed practicing and doing our song for Kid’s Live. It’s cool when we can sing songs for the Lord that people like too,” Mary Clarke, Eureka Corps, said.

Guest speaker Major Kelly Pontsler, divisional secretary for business in the Golden State Division, shared some of her experiences working with the Army’s relief efforts in Haiti. Her stories created a solemn atmosphere as the youth transitioned into a time of reflection and prayers for the victims suffering in Haiti.

At the Ingathering Service, Major Douglas Riley, divisional commander, expressed gratitude and hope that through the sacrificial giving of the Army’s International World Service ministry, people in Haiti and around the world will benefit and have a better life.

“We have a wonderful group of young people who allowed us to witness their talents and ability through their contributions to our praise and worship. They added their special enthusiasm and joy of the Lord to our day,” Major Jeanne Stromberg, divisional secretary, said.

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