Kids helping kids in Auburn, Calif.

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Youngsters assemble personal comfort kits for homeless.

by Michelle Talbott –

Participants assemble kits filled with hygiene items and other necessities

This summer young people from the Cornerstone Church in Auburn, Calif., who wanted to help the homeless and needy babies and children from low-income families, coordinated their efforts with The Salvation Army. This evolved from a project at their vacation Bible school, which taught the importance of helping those less fortunate in the community.

Twenty-five young people from grades one to six spent an entire day at The Salvation Army assembling personal comfort kits for homeless men and women. The children saved their money, and Cornerstone Church members donated funds towards the purchase of personal hygiene items and other necessities. They made about 40 comfort kits. They also bought baby items, along with supplies for school-age children.

As part of the project, the kids went without lunch that afternoon, so they would experience what it is like for many children in the world who may go for days without a proper meal.

The Salvation Army provided Bible tracts to include in the kits, and we talked about the importance of the spiritual part of our mission as an Army of Salvation. At the end of the session, we briefly shared William Booth’s calling from God to serve the less fortunate and his vision for the salvation of the masses.

Through the lessons learned from their church programs, the young people have developed a passion for helping less fortunate children. Kids helping kids and others—how encouraging in today’s world!

Michelle Talbott is the director of social services at the Auburn, Calif. corps community center.

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