Kettle Volunteers Ring The Bell in Bellevue

By Envoy Diane L. Parker –

They said it couldn’t be done…an all-volunteer kettle drive. The new Bellevue, Wash., (Eastside) Corps can proudly testify to the wonderful results when people from the community faithfully stand kettles to help others with Christmas food and toys.

At an Advisory Council meeting in 1994, members looked at the net results of the 1993 Kettle Drive after salaries and taxes were taken out. The Council decided to coordinate an all-volunteer drive in 1994, and a Christmas Committee began recruiting volunteers early.

Team captains at each kettle location were responsible for coordinating the volunteers each day. Rotary Clubs agreed to take over the Bellevue Square Mall over the weekends. Kiwanis, Lions and Soroptimist clubs took sites in their areas. Cub Scouts, high school clubs, and hundreds of individuals volunteered to ring a bell for The Salvation Army. Colorful “Ding Dong” signs were made up for areas where bells were not welcome, bringing attention, laughter, and great publicity for the drive.

An “East Side Story” flyer will be mailed to the community this year telling the story of service to those in need, and giving volunteers an open invitation to care by sharing their time.

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