Keeping kids ‘Safe from Harm’

If you have not heard about Safe From Harm (SFH), you soon will. This is the new children’s safety program for the Western Territory.

“The Salvation Army is taking a proactive stance to protecting children by providing this comprehensive program,” said Anne Calvo RN, THQ Safe From Harm coordinator. “Safe From Harm started five years ago in the Central Territory following concerns about the safety of the children in the care of the Army. The goal for SFH is, first and foremost, to protect children from all harm, especially while they are in our care.”


Wherever we minister we will accept responsibility for the care of all God’s creation.

A component of Safe From Harm is a 16-hour training program that addresses child safety. All officers and supervisors in all divisions who work with children are required to complete this class by November 2002. Divisional trainers are busy meeting the November deadline. Once the deadline for leadership training has been met, all staff and volunteers who care for our children will also participate in Safe From Harm classes.

The 16-hour SFH training covers the following topics: What is child abuse; the “6 P’s of prevention”: personnel, participants, program, place, privacy, grooming behaviors and procedures for reporting abuse to governmental agencies; statistics and TSA national policy. These topics are covered using an adult learning method, sensitive to local command issues. All officers and staff/volunteers who have access to children will also undergo a criminal background check. This is also part of the Safe From Harm program.

A Child Safety Committee at THQ has oversight on policy as it relates to minors. Committee members are: Major Allie Niles, Major Carol Seiler, Major James Hood, Major Brian Bearchell, John McCarthy, James Boyd, Gordon Bingham and Anne Calvo.

If you have any concerns about child safety issues, please contact Anne Calvo at 562-491-8491.

Remember, we all have a responsibility to keep our children Safe From Harm.

Wherever we minister we will accept responsibility for the care of all God’s creation.

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