Kake’s elders honored

The Salvation Army acknowledges the importance of elders to the community.

By Karen Gleason –

KakeEldersThe Salvation Army in Kake, Alaska, partnered with the Veterans Auxiliary and the Presbyterian Church to hold the 19th annual “Honoring Our Elders” Luncheon to acknowledge the community’s elders for their teachings, example, care and compassion.

More than 90 people attended the event, which recognized 35 elders.

“By honoring the elders we learn two values: to hold each other up and speak with care to our elders,” said Chuck Paul, elder and Veterans Auxiliary member. “[We also] see the elders smile and acknowledge another year with family and friends.”

Kake Corps Officers Lts. Taurean and Yohani Ortiz expressed gratitude to the community for its love of the elders.

“It is a blessing to live in a community that values and respects the elders,” Yohani Ortiz said. “[The event] not only offered time for food and fellowship, but most importantly to thank God for the influence that the elders have in each of our lives.”

KakeElders02During the event, Wuanita James, Kake Senior Center director, received special recognition for her service to the community. She is in charge of preparing meals for the elders Monday-Wednesday every week.

“God blessed the Honoring Our Elders Luncheon with good fellowship and a loving atmosphere for our esteemed elders,” said Dinah Aceveda, Veterans Auxiliary member.

The Ortizes work closely with the elders and visit the Senior Center regularly to have a meal with them. They host a monthly “Elders’ Night,” a movie and dinner experience. Usually about 10-20 people attend–a good turnout for this small village.

“We acknowledge that the elders are a very important part of our community, our culture,” Ortiz said. “So we try our best to be involved with other groups, such as the Veterans Auxiliary, in hopes that we can work together for the benefit of the elders and the community in general.”

Kake, located in southeastern Alaska on the northwest coast of Kupreanof Island, has a population of about 546. The Salvation Army has had a presence there since 1904.

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