Jordans Bring New Ideas to Evangelism

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Territorial Evangelists

Captains Darvin and Linda Jordan

by John Docter – 

Captains Darvin and Linda Jordan have always believed in using new methods to reach new people. For the newly appointed territorial evangelists, however, the methods they use aren’t just new, they’re positively state-of-the-art.

The Jordans incorporate cutting edge musical technology into their evangelism programs. Creative accompaniments–which they can manipulate while performing–have been programmed into the latest synthesizers, sequencers and harmonizers. The result is a full-band or orchestra sound coming from their keyboards, guitars and vocals.

“The Jordans bring a fresh emphasis to their corps crusades,” says Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock, territorial secretary for program. “While they include traditional worship patterns in their campaigns, they also offer a contemporary style that should attract younger generations to the Gospel.”

Despite all the high-tech equipment, their music covers a wide range of styles and doesn’t overwhelm people with sound, Darvin Jordan is quick to point out. “It’s all for the purpose of glorifying the Lord and lifting up his people.”

As territorial evangelists, the Jordans seek to support the officers, soldiers and corps in the field. They hold about three campaigns per month at various corps and other locations throughout the territory. Each campaign lasts five days and has “less to do with evangelism and more to do with charging our soldiery with going out and reaching and teaching,” Darvin says.

In addition to the mostly musical programs, the Jordans conduct private group meetings with corps officers and lay leaders designed to inspire them to go out and share the Gospel.

For about 15 years prior to joining the Army, the Jordans traveled throughout North America as musical evangelists. Darvin also worked professionally in the music industry as a writer and performer. They learned of the Army when corps and divisions started booking them to perform. They were commissioned in 1990 and have since held various corps and divisional appointments.

“Our goal as territorial evangelists,” says Captain Linda Jordan, “is to help people realize that, although we’re evangelists, they are too, and they need to be out sharing the Gospel. So our job is more than being evangelists, it’s to inspire people to do that job also.”

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