Jones Safe in Brazzaville Turmoil

Bullets whizzing past her shoulder, Western Territory Salvationist Eleanor Jones escaped injury as she and other officers and staff evacuated Congo Territorial Headquarters in Brazzaville while fighting raged between political factions.

Jones, who acts as Congo Territory finance secretary, arrived safely in London after a journey by boat, truck and plane. “I’ve been through [civil uprisings] before, but this time was really bad,” she says.

“The battle was concentrated in and around the area which includes our THQ and the main residential compound,” reports Congo Territorial Commander Commissioner John Swinfen. “That compound was cut off for several days, some damage was sustained and vehicles taken. Looting and destruction in the city have been considerable.”

French forces evacuated all expatriate personnel, including officers, with the exception of Captain Heidi Opplinger, training principal, who elected to remain with her cadets.

Amazingly, Jones managed to take her computer–which had all the financial records–with her. She’ll need it, after all, when she returns. ” I need to go back,” she says. “Peace will come again.”

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