Jaynes’ World Svc. CD Really “Off the Wall”

By John Docter –  Captain Bill Jaynes

Captain Bill Jaynes, Vancouver, Wash., corps officer and talented guitarist, composer and singer, has just wrapped up a new CD which features 12 contemporary arrangements and original songs.

The CD, titled “Off the Wall,” was recorded in Los Angeles with the help of a rhythm section staffed by Southern California Division musicians Richard Bosanko (keyboards, flugelhorn), Richard Coles (drums), Mark Hood (guitar), and Keith Spencer (bass).

The recording’s 50 minutes of music spans a range of contemporary styles from blues, jazz and gospel to rock and country. But even with such a wide variety, the message is clear. “Christ is the central theme,” Jaynes said. “We’re praising him with stringed instruments.”

The title song, a driving, pop-style shuffle written by Jaynes, inspires listeners to let Jesus into their lives. “Jesus doesn’t live in a picture frame, but he can live in your heart,” Jaynes sings. “To have him in your heart today you have to take him off the wall.”

Nearly half the lyrics are straight out of the Salvation Army songbook, but Jaynes has fused them with his own melodies, giving the timeless words a new voice. “The lyrics in the songbook are so powerful,” said Jaynes. “I wanted to provide ministry to people who love Army songs but also love the contemporary sound.”

Some of these updated yet very tasteful new songs include a soulful gospel number which uses the words to “Was It For Me,” and similar pop/rock treatments of “On Calvary,” “My All,” and “At the Name of Jesus.” There’s also an ethereal solo guitar piece called “Padre Naturale” based on “This Is My Father’s World.”

The sound of the band is definitely contemporary, but the melodies’ rich harmonies and light, uptempo feel combined with Jaynes’ smooth vocals make it something everyone can enjoy.

To contrast the full band numbers, there are several reflective pieces featuring Jaynes’ acoustic guitar playing, both alone and as a vocal accompaniment.

Sales of “Off the Wall” will go toward the Vancouver, Wash. corps’ World Service effort. Compact discs and cassettes will be available by the end of December. For more information, contact the corps at (360) 892-9050.

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