Intermountain Enjoys Christmas in July

HONOR CAMPERS­(l-r)Ruth Bennett and Emily Ringle tied for the award. At right is Lt. Colonel Harold Brodin.

by Christy Ziemba – 

This summer’s Intermountain Music Camp’s theme was “Christmas in July,” and the kids learned to play traditional and not-so-traditional holiday tunes. Some 45 kids from throughout the division spent a week up at High Peak Camp, stretching their musical ability and learning how to breathe from their diaphragms.

Special guest Salvationist Mark Barrington Hall and John Covert, camp administrative director, showed the kids by example how breathing correctly can make all the difference when playing an instrument. Envoy Jerry Koch, divisional Social Service secretary, taught the senior chorus. He said, “The improvement of every young musician was just remarkable, and it was exciting to see the learning that took place in that short period of time.”

Many of the campers enjoyed the “Garbage Can Band.” Kellie Covert, 9, said she thought playing the drawer was the most fun. John Covert said, “The kids find interesting sounds. It can teach them quarter, eighteenth and sixteenth notes as well as challenge their creativity.”

Major Don Bowman, Boulder corps officer, taught brass, vocal and theory to all different levels at Music Camp. He comes back every year because he really thinks it’s important for the kids to learn about music.

This was the first year of teaching at the Music Camp for Envoy John Mills, business administrator/ program assistant for West Adams Corps. He said, “I enjoyed the experience of working with the kids in this capacity.”

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