Intermountain builds with God

“God the Builder” was the theme as 340 delegates from around the Intermountain Division met in Estes Park, Colorado to enjoy a weekend of blessings and challenges at the division’s annual Bible Conference.

Delegates were asked to realize that God is the builder of all things and as such has a definite plan and purpose for the events of our lives.

Featured speaker Lt. Colonel Ray Moulton, the West’s secretary for program, walked the delegates through biblical proof of God’s kingdom building processes reminding them that, “New construction often begins with destruction.”

Moulton encouraged those suffering from present trials to do as Nehemiah did and recognize the character of God, repent of sin, be reminded of God’s promises and ask God for help.

On both Saturday and Sunday mornings, conference delegates were treated to Bible intensives taught by Intermountain officers. Topics included such themes as “How to get the most from your Bible”; “How to be a Godly woman in today’s world”; and “How to talk to God.” A teen Bible study, “Building up the Temple,” was held separately to assist young people in viewing God’s will for their lives.

Many delegates were blessed by the information shared at the conference and dedicated their lives to the Lord.

Keep our western territorial leaders in prayer

Keep our western territorial leaders in prayer

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