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Through the generosity of computer training and testing software developer Infosource, Inc., The Salvation Army’s eQuip for Success computer labs, which help to provide computer training to individuals who normally would not have access to this technology, will be even better able to equip its clients for future success in the workplace.

Infosource, which develops the “How to Master” series of web, intranet and CD-ROM based computer training tools, has granted 62 Army computer labs in the West access to its “How to Master” online course titles, a gift valued at about $50,000 per year.

“We are excited at the opportunity to administer training in MS Office, Internet and Job Skills. This means putting technology in the hands of people who have no access to it otherwise,” said Billie Smith, training specialist at The Salvation Army’s territorial headquarters in Long Beach. Smith, who has been using the Infosource course material to train employees at territorial headquarters, was instrumental in cultivating the donation.

The “How to Master” series will help eQuip computer lab users develop the skills to master a range of business software applications such as MS Office. In addition, many other “soft skills” courses such as “Business Writing Using Microsoft Word,” and “How to Master Time Management” will provide clients with other invaluable skills as they prepare to enter the workforce, sometimes for the first time.

The Salvation Army’s eQuip for Success initiative began in late 2002 when the Army joined forces with the Beaumont Foundation of America (BFA). BFA seeks to provide technology to individuals, schools, and communities that serve disadvantaged Americans who do not have access to technology or the skills to use it. Through this alliance, the Army expects to establish and maintain a national network of more than 1,000 state-of-the-art technology labs designed to expand educational, vocational and spiritual opportunities for Salvation Army clients.

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