Hero awards given at Rose Bowl tailgate party

A Hero of the Faith award was presented at The Gathering men’s rally to a “Salvation Step-Up Soldier” in recognition of faithful and dedicated service to The Salvation Army.

Envoy Craig Fanning,

Kenai Peninsula Corps, Alaska Division

Larry Dayton, Sacramento Citadel Corps, ARC and Del Oro Division

Captain John Stennett, Boise Corps, Cascade Division

James Reeves, Crestmont

Trey Hiller, San Francisco Lighthouse Corps, Golden State Division

Captain Robert Steiner, RMI Coordinator, Hawaii and Pacific Islands Division

Captain Michael Halverson, Fort Collins Corps, Intermountain Division

Stefan Wennstig, Seattle Temple Corps, Northwest Division

Sam Valdez, San Bernardino Corps, Sierra del Mar Division

Pat Riley, Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, Southern California Division

David Aird, Sun City Corps, Southwest Division

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