Hayward, Calif., Enrolls 23 Junior, Senior Soldiers

Twenty-three new soldiers have been added to the rolls of the Hayward, Calif., corps, concluding months of preparation.

Del Oro Divisional Commander Major Charles Strickland enrolled 17 Junior soldiers, followed by six Senior soldiers, as the newest additions to the Salvation Army in Hayward.

Many family members of the new soldiers witnessed the enrollment. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and others shared in the very sacred moment as the young people promised to commit themselves to Jesus Christ and serve him through the ranks of The Salvation Army.

Corps Officers Lieutenant Nancy Helms and Major Peggy Helms, with the help of local officer Jennifer Cabrejas, welcomed the new soldiers with prayer while the corps and friends made the commitment to lift these new soldiers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on a daily basis.

Strickland extended the hand of fellowship and expressed his pleasure at the sight of these people newly dedicated to the work of the Lord in Hayward.

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