Harvest Festival tradition continues

THROUGH THE YEARS, Harvest Festival donations have helped to provide resources for maintaining relevant curriculum for cadets, enhancing library resources and allowing technological upgrades.

Fall is about going back to school…but not just for children. Thirty-one new Salvation Army officers-in-training were officially welcomed to Crestmont College on September 14 to begin the two-year journey of transformation from cadet to officer.

Putting on the uniform–in some cases for the first time–they have headed back to class for an intensive seven-day-a-week residential program of theological and practical study, spiritual development, local ministry, field training, and summer assignments.

“Harvest Festival donations help us strengthen the education and training of these cadets, who will return to the community as well-prepared officers,” said Lt. Colonel Ray Peacock, Crestmont’s new President/Principal. “In these hard economic times, we count on this important support from soldiers and friends.”

Corps and ARC members will have the chance to contribute to their congregation’s Harvest Festival gift for education on Ingathering Sunday, November 10, 2002, when materials will be distributed at worship services throughout the territory. As in the past, these Harvest Festival funds will be used to maintain the quality of officer training, ensuring relevant curriculum and practical ministry preparation, updated library and technological resources, a qualified faculty, and financial support for cadets, according to Peacock.

“Harvest Festival is a rich tradition long cherished by many Army pioneers, and that tradition was renewed through last year’s campaign,” Peacock said. “We hope that the purpose and the opportunity of Harvest Festival will be owned and embraced throughout the Western Territory.”

For Harvest Festival information, call the Office of Institutional Advance-ment at (310) 265-6140. Visit or call (310) 377-0481 to find out more about the college and its programs.

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