Hartts retire

Majors Stephan and Jeanine Hartt will retire this month from their appointment as administrators of the Tucson, Ariz. ARC.

High school sweethearts, the couple married after graduation and Steve’s enlistment in the Marines. They were blessed with four children: Stan, Susie, Randy and Tony.

Steve spent two stretches in the Marine Corps, attended school and held a variety of jobs, including seven years with the Los Angeles Police Department. He experienced a fresh commitment to Christ and entered youth ministry training with Faith Reformed Church and Youth for Christ. The Hartts’ involvement in a youth ministry with the Army in Las Vegas, Nevada, led to their entry into Salvation Army officership as auxiliary captains.

Since then, they have served in corps appointments in Hobbs, New Mexico; Prescott, Ariz.; Lihue, Hawaii; and Sunnyvale, Calif. Eventually, they went on to training and appointments in the Adult Rehabilitation ministry. This led to over 12 years of ARC service in Portland, Oregon; Anaheim, Stockton, and Van Nuys, Calif.; Honolulu, Hawaii; Denver, Colo.; Fresno, Calif.; and finally, Tucson, Arizona.

Their son, Randy, with his wife Tracie, serve as envoys in Flagstaff, Ariz.

The Hartts will retire to Peoria, Ariz. Their retirement address is: 11173 N. 71st Drive, Peoria, AZ 85345 (after January 1, 2003).

Cascade Vision Action Teams initiate strategy

Cascade Vision Action Teams initiate strategy

DIVISIONAL ACTION TEAMS are meeting throughout the territory

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Promoted to Glory

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