Griffins celebrate 70 years of marriage

Majors Charles and Myrtle Griffin have reached a major milestone of Christian marriage. Accompanied by fellow retired officers Lt. Colonel Della Rees, Lt. Colonels Charles and Eleanor McIntyre and Corps Officers Captains Fred and Patty Rasmussen, they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary during a retired officers’ celebration luncheon.

Married at ages 21 and 19 in 1935, the Griffins have enjoyed many happy years of family life; they have also have faced significant ministry challenges and successes in their lifelong careers as Salvation Army officers. Today, residing in an active retirement living care facility in Santa Rosa, Calif., the Griffins continue their hallmark ministry of caring and praying for others around the territory and visiting by telephone. No longer able to drive, Major Griffin has focused his local ministry on the staff and visitors coming to the large residence facility. His famous sense of humor and wit bring smiles to all who enter the Griffin household each day.

Captain Fred Rasmussen reports that the Griffins have been a strong influence for good for The Salvation Army in Santa Rosa since moving there 25 years ago. Major Griffin vibrantly served as the corps sergeant major for a number of years, enabling the corps to achieve high quality levels of community service and corps depth. Since becoming confined to the retirement residence, Majors Griffin and Captains Rasmussen have met regularly to discuss and pray for the needs of the soldiers and the future of The Salvation Army in Santa Rosa.

The Griffins are the parents of James Griffin of Gold River, Calif. and Lt. Colonel Terry Griffin, Western Territorial Headquarters secretary for Program.

Congratulations and God bless Majors Charles and Myrtle Griffin for 70 years of marriage!

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