Graduation a first at Sacramento ARC

(l-r) Graduate Craig Yingst, Major Jack Phillips, Dr. Stan Blondeck, director of the program, Major Anna Phillips and Regina Robinson-Fraire, education specialist/teacher.

Thanks to a unique new program, The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Sacramento, CA recently celebrated the commencement of its first high school diploma graduate, Craig Yingst.

Craig, who is 21, arrived at the ARC ready to restore all aspects of his life. With the help of his teacher Regina Robinson-Fraire, he worked hard to complete the final credits for his high school diploma–filling his free time with study.

To assure appropriate maintenance of students’ records, Robinson-Fraire keeps in contact with other educational systems, and the school is part of the Spencer Valley School District.

At the Sacramento ARC, Craig’s rehabilitation was enriched with a quality high school education.

Six members of Craig’s family attended his commencement service. The theme of the ceremony was “Wind Beneath my Wings.” Participating in the service were Sacramento ARC directors Majors Jack and Anna Phillips, and Major Beth Saunders (R). Rev. Dr. Stan Blondek, director of rehabilitation services, officiated and gave the commencement address. Blondek developed the link between the ARCC and Charter schools, and was instrumental in implementing the literacy program in the Sacramento ARC.

He spoke of the importance of acknowledging our heroes and letting them know how much they are loved; his message challenged Craig to repair the wreckage caused by his addiction and to recognize the love his family has for him in both good and bad times.

The Sacramento ARC Charter School anticipates the graduation of many more GED and high school diploma candidates. The literacy program has become a new legacy for the ARC.

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