Grace in Guam

Every year, the Army serves 2,300 families in Guam.

AngieStill3After giving birth to two children on the island of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia, Angie moved to Guam in order to secure a better education for her young daughter and son.

It was hard to find stability in their new home.

“When I came here in Guam, we were jumping around in different houses; I was almost like homeless,” she said. “Every day I prayed I would find a way out.”

In fact, Angie did end up at a homeless shelter. While there, she got connected with The Salvation Army Family Services Center. There, the Army’s rapid re-housing program placed her and her children in a temporary housing, helping to cover the cost of her rent, utilities and food while she built up her savings. They also worked with Angie to strategize toward financial independence, assisting her in landing a job and a permanent home.

“I learned to work hard and stand on myself,” she said. “The Salvation Army taught me to use my money wisely.”

Currently, both Angie and her husband are gainfully employed and taking joy in providing for their children.

“If I’m not going to The Salvation Army, I think I have no idea where I’m going to be,” she said. “I’ll stay homeless maybe.”

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