Good news shared in Alaska

by Cheri Currie – 

Cadet Christopher Aird assists during a meeting.

The Heralds of the Good News Session, along with team leaders Captains Kevin and Linda Jackson, grabbed their London Fog uniform coats, gloves and scarves as they left the California ocean view to minister to the people of Anchorage and Ketchikan, Alaska. Some of us were afraid of how cold the week before us would be. Others were looking forward to being “on the field” rather than in the classroom. Most of us had never been to Alaska before. We had no idea what to expect.

During our spring campaigns in Alaska, we were able to see how God is using The Salvation Army there, especially through the social services. The shelters, feeding programs, and children’s homes reach out to people with Christ’s love. We saw officers dedicating their lives to loving unlovely street people, children left as orphans, pregnant teenagers and others with various problems. Cadet Marina Martinez said, “As an officer, I want to touch and love people that way.” The Lord gave us hearts filled with love and compassion for all of these people.

As we experienced seeing people given second chances, we were also able to take part in making a difference in their lives. The most significant part of spring campaigns for all of us was interacting with the people, working towards the goal of introducing them to Jesus, if they did not already have a relationship with him. In one of these instances, while handing out gloves to people on the streets, a man expressed his need for the Lord to Cadet Jonathan Russell, and responded to the good news of Jesus Christ.

Through the whole week, we experienced God working through us. Cadet Ellen Oh said, “It was God working in the meetings, not us.” We are merely his hands and feet. As Heralds of the Good News, we will continue loving the people he loves so much. In Mark 16:15 Jesus says “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Through our trip to Alaska, God has prepared and equipped us to do just this.


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