Golden State divisional staff ministers in Kenya West

Teams conduct music school and leadership seminars.

The territorial music school band marches down the Kacamega Highway in Kenya [by Joe Posillico].

Recently the Golden State Divisional Headquarters staff made a 10-day mission trip to the Kenya West Territory. The 12-member team was divided into four groups. While one group stayed in Nairobi (Kenya East), working on various corps meetings and women’s ministries presentations, the rest of the team traveled into Kenya West.

One group conducted a territorial music school with over 100 participants and a final concert on a Sunday at the Kacamega Central Corps with the territorial leaders, Commissioners William and Nancy Roberts. Over 500 attended the Sunday meeting, which was preceded by a march down the central Kacamega Highway by a 50-member band.

Another group focused on leadership training for local officers, visiting five divisions with a one-day seminar in each division. Nearly 1,000 Kenya West local officers attended the leadership seminars; a number had walked for several hours to get there.

A third team spent the week in Kisumu and focused on the Joyland School for the Physically Handicapped and the Kibos School for the Blind. They completed repairs and painted the buildings. In addition, the team conducted youth meetings at three corps.

At the school for the blind the team observed a group of children preparing for the upcoming national music festival. The children, ages 5-11, sang in four-part harmony, led by their teacher who is also blind.

At Joyland a fairly new water system is in place, but the power required to fully operate the system is inadequate. A critical need is for a fully powered electrical unit to bring the water system up to full use. The dining hall and kitchen area also needs extensive repairs. The Kibos School for the Blind also needs many repairs.

“Our division is committed to missions,” said Divisional Commander Major Joe Posillico, “and we hope to be able to continue the relationship with the Kenya West Territory that we have formed.”

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