General gets a new look at West

International leaders inspire big crowds everywhere in a weekend of welcomes



General John Gowans


In a weekend of welcomes led by our territorial leaders, Commissioners David and Doreen Edwards, the Army of the West greeted General John Gowans and Commissioner Gísele Gowans in their first official visit to the territory since election to international leadership by the Army’s High Council in May, 1999.

Soldiers and friends of the Army also formally recognized and welcomed the Crossbearers session of cadets–28 Salvationists who make up the first class of the new millennium in the College for Officer Training.

Additionally, the territory inaugurated Crestmont College and charged it to oversee and coordinate all degree, certificate and other educational and training programs as requested by the field. The SFOT program is included in the college as one of the degree programs.

Gowans challenged and confronted–cajoled and coaxed–inspired and informed as he proclaimed Christ and urged any and all to attend to the still small voice of God within them.

Both he and his wife participated extensively in two public meetings, one at the Crystal Cathedral and the other in the Army’s Pasadena Tabernacle Corps.

He also spoke at officers councils, officiated in the dedication of Crestmont College, spent Sunday morning with the cadets, and spoke at the Territorial Headquarters chapel service Monday morning.

Both of the Gowans expressed delight to “return to this beautiful part of the world” where they had served for five years in the mid-eighties.

Vol 18 No 16

Vol 18 No 16

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