Front lines: News briefs of the West

By Karen Gleason, Editor

The Word became human and lived among us (John 1:14 GW).

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.—The Automobile Club (AAA) of Northern California, Nevada and Utah donated more than 2,000 pounds of frozen turkeys to the Golden State Division. They made two deliveries, dropping off 53 turkeys to the Harbor Light Center and 40 to The Salvation Army Salinas Corps.

Envoy Jack Clitheroe, San Francisco Harbor Light Center executive director, thanked AAA, saying, “They are a major reason The Salvation Army is able feed thousands of individuals every Thanksgiving.”

HUNTINGTON PARK, CALIF.—Maria Ramirez from the Southeast Communities Corps reports that on Nov. 9, the Starbucks’ headquarters manager conducted three sessions—with 80-90 people attending each—promoting Christmas and partnership with The Salvation Army. Last year Starbucks sponsored 12 Angel Giving Tree sites and helped distribute toys to 900 families. Impressed with the way The Salvation Army helps people, this year Starbucks hopes to do even more.

 LAKE HAVASU, ARIZ.—Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, The Salvation Army provides a sack lunch at the corps for anyone who is hungry. Word is getting around, and the distribution has grown from 20 meals a week to over 60; in the last two months, the corps gave out over 350 meals per month.

Corps Officers Major Larry and Captain Julie Feist thank the volunteers who help make and distribute the lunches: Diane Nelson, Virginia Harp, Amanda Freeman, Brittany Brewer, Maureen Smith and Joyce Harris.

 CHULA VISTA, CALIF.—The Hispanic home league recently enrolled eight new members. Between May and November 2011 it has enrolled 26 new members, with an average meeting attendance of 19-24 women, an increase of 60 percent from last year.

Majors Carlos and Rosa Rodriguez are corps officers.

RENO, NEV.—The corps, led by Majors Michael and Janene Zielinski, enrolled 10 adherents on Nov. 13—five men and five women. Two are long time ARP graduates and at least five have prison records. All are new creations in Christ. They have attended the 10 weeks of preparation classes and have a service ministry within the corps. Several are looking forward to senior soldiership in the future.

 SITKA, ALASKA—Despite taking place during one of the worst rain and windstorms in recent memory, a food drive sponsored by the local radio station raised $10,000 and resulted in 9,650 pounds of donated food for The Salvation Army.

Captain Terrance and Major Evadne Wright are corps officers.


The Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Miracle

  Portland Tabernacle corps officer had an unexpected encounter last



David Kitka, from the Sitka Corps, was out at the kettle on “White Friday”

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