Fresno Citadel helps at home, too

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by Debbie Steinhauer – 

The Fresno City College girls softball team poses for a team picture. Katie Steinhauer is the third person from right.

What does Fresno Citadel Corps have in common with the Fresno City College women’s softball team? Katie Steinhauer!

A life-long Salvationist well known for her musical accomplishments, Katie attended Fresno City College this year and took up another of her life’s passions—softball. Her goal of Christian ministry compelled her to speak with her coach and teammates about participating in The Salvation Army’s Christmas effort by bell-ringing as a team this past December. On several other occasions she convinced individual teammates to join her. “The best part of it was jingling the bell,” one of them told Katie.

Early in the spring semester, it was time for the softball team to get its season underway. The team was looking for sponsors, and this time they approached Captain Richard Larson to help them. Being an active sports enthusiast and willing to support Katie and the FCC team, Larson sponsored an outfield banner that has been displayed at every home softball game.

Fresno City College’s softball team had a 20+ win season and went to the state play-offs. Thanks to Katie’s witness, these young women athletes were exposed to the greater needs of the community and the wondrous God who cares for all. It truly was a successful season in many ways!


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