Forward 2000 Session of Cadets Introduces Itself to the West

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Forward 2000 Session of Cadets Introduces Itself to the West

Session Choir

GIVING PRAISE–Songster leader Janette Bosanko leads a
combined chorus of first and second year cadets.
Cadet Christina Bennett-Kamalo
Kahului Corps, Hawaii.
I grew up in the beautiful state of Hawaii. Of all the things I enjoy in life, my two favorites are music and children. I come to officership ready and willing to use these gifts to further God’s kingdom. I am excited to see what God will do through me.
Cadet Tony Chaffino
Ontario Corps, Calif.

In my nine years of soldiership I have been used in various corps in full time ministry. The Lord has sent me to many cities. Jesus was only waiting for me to answer his call on my life.

Cadet Frank Desplancke
Torrance Corps, Calif.

Formerly I was an engineer who reconstructed automobile accidents. I was comfortable in my job until I received my calling at last year’s Life Service Seminar. My life has changed significantly since that time. I am positive the Lord will find new, exciting and useful work for me to do as an officer.

Cadet Francisco Flores
Anaheim Temple Corps, Calif.
I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, number eight of 11 sons. My parents, A/Captains Alfonso and Felicitas Flores, talked to me about Jesus, but I never accepted him until I went to the USA. Before I came to the college I was an auto detail professional and corps sergeant major.

Cadet Irma Flores
Anaheim Temple Corps, Calif.

I was born in Mexico City, and met Jesus eight years ago in Piedras Negras, Mexico. I had many problems, so I asked the Lord if he would answer my prayers, I would serve him all my life. In 1990, I came to California, and when I was working in corps programs I decided to be a soldier.

Cadet Ezekiel Guevara
Santa Clara/ Milpitas Outpost, Calif.

I used to pastor an outpost that we started. Through our ministry many people have been brought to the Lord. I bring my talents and family to be used by God and The Salvation Army for God’s glory.

Cadet Diana Guevara
Santa Clara/ Milpitas Outpost, Calif.

We started the outpost in Milpitas, Calif. Throughout our ministry many people have been brought to the Lord. I bring my talents and family to be used by God and The Salvation Army for God’s Glory. At the outpost, I used to do a little of everything: counseling, singing, organizing the food, etc.

Cadet Erica Helton
Sunnyvale/ Mountain View Corps, Calif

Having been born to officer parents, I was able to be involved in numerous programs within The Salvation Army from local church activities to working at a Booth Home during my college years. I know that these precious experiences, combined with my love for others, will equip me to meet all of the expectations God will place before me. I look forward to sharing my love for the Lord with all I meet.

Cadet Jessica John
Rita Corps, Marshall Islands

I used to be a nurse, and we used to share our faith with our patients and one another. At the corps I worked with young people who were trying to figure out their future. Some day I hope to work for the youth and bring forth future builders of God’s Kingdom.

Cadet Jason Koenig
Santa Monica Corps, Calif.

I am the type of person who finds joy and happiness in interacting with people, particularly children. For this reason, I was the youth director at my corps, before entering CFOT. I believe that God has placed a desire and burden upon my heart to show the love of Christ to all people I encounter.

Cadet Angelina D. Koenig
Santa Monica Corps, Calif.

I am a person who loves to interact with others. Before I came to CFOT, I was a coordinator for parent/child programs at the YMCA. I enjoyed working with the families there. My love for working with people I feel will be a great asset for officership.

Cadet Dee Dee Lively
Centralia, Corps, Wash.

I have worked for The Salvation Army since 1990 in various corps positions. As I witnessed the love of God through my corps officers, he created in me the desire to comfort others by sharing that love. My greatest joy is seeing another person recognize the peace that comes from the Lord and letting him or herself be enveloped in it.

Cadet Walter Madrigal
Santa Fe Springs Corps, Calif.

I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica. I was the fifth child of 20 in my family. I worked cleaning shoes in the streets. I came to officership because I heard the call to Jesus Christ.

Cadet Claret Madrigal
Santa Fe Springs Corps, Calif.

I am a Costa Rican who came to the USA to work to help my family. Jesus changed my life. My Lord put me in The Salvation Army and I was working with children in Sunday school. I wish to be a servant to Jesus with all my heart.

Cadet Samuel Miller
Idaho Falls Corps, Idaho

My ministry was through my job as corps programmer/ youth worker. I especially loved interacting with the children of the youth center. The love of God I showed them, and they returned, touched my soul deeply.

Top of Column Two

Cadet Michael Paugh
Anaheim Corps, Calif.

Though growing up in the church, I fell away after my mother died in 1977. Working to make ends meet, I took the wrong path. In 1994 I went to the Anaheim ARC with a drug problem. After completing the six month program, I started working for them as a residence manager. My commitment to serving Christ led to officership through CFOT. I praise God for changing my life around.
Cadet Robert Schmig
Aurora Corps, Colo.
I used to manage a Texaco store. While I liked meeting people, due to time restrictions and company policies I was unable to talk freely about my faith. That is why it was great fun to teach Sunday school. It is also why I am excited to be here to dedicate all of my work to Jesus Christ.

Cadet Karen Schmig
Aurora Corps, Colo.
I enjoyed working with the Sunday school and was very involved in the corps. I love helping people, being involved in many programs and teaching children. I know God has brought me to CFOT for a reason, and I will use my love for him to be a great officer in the future

Cadet David L. Shull
San Diego Citadel, Calif.

My parents were soldiers in their corps. Through the military I was brought to the West and made my home here. At my home corps I loved to disciple young people through YPSL and other youth programs, and was very passionate about preaching God’s word,that would bring people into holiness.

Cadet Regina Shull
San Diego Citadel Corps, Calif.

I am originally from Anchorage, Alaska, where I began my leadership within The Salva-tion Army. In October 1997 my husband and I moved to San Diego, where I worked as an office clerk at an alarm center. I was very active in the corps and loved every minute. I know that with my enthusiasm to share Christ the Army will grow.

Cadet Derek Strickland
Mesa Citadel, Ariz.

I was an accountant at Southwest Divis-ional Headquarters in the finance department. I helped the corps officers as I transferred the cashbook corps onto the accounting software. I enjoy working with numbers, but I know God has called me to be a pastor to people.

Cadet Angela M. Strickland
Mesa Citadel, Ariz.
I have worked with The Salvation Army on and off for seven years at my corps. I’ve learned many things through the Christlikeness of others. I’ve learned to be faithful, to be accountable, and to be a friend. Most importantly, through these people, I’ve learned of Christ’s love for me. His love has been shown to me through these people, and I know God will use me to show this love to others.

Cadet Aimee Souders
Grandview, Wash.

Growing closer to God is my main purpose in life. I love people, and plan to share the love that Jesus Christ gave to me with those I encounter. God is good, and I believe that people need to hear it. I thank God for the opportunity he has given me to share this good news with those around me.

Cadet Stephen Sutter
Grace Center Corps, Denver, Colo.
I was a suffering alcoholic when I came to the Denver ARC. During my re-birth, rehabilitation, and subsequent employment there God called me to serve him completely. My job as director of production, and my position as CSM, provided me with many opportunities to confess Christ to others, to share his love. I am at CFOT to become better prepared as I bid his calling.

Cadet Donald A. Warriner
Anacortes, Corps, Wash.

I’ve spent the last 20 years serving my country in the Navy. During that time I have held many local officership roles. They all have helped me grow spiritually. They also gave me many experiences and tools to further God’s Kingdom as an officer.

Cadet Cheryl Warriner
Anacortes Corps, Wash

I was the Christian Education Director at my corps. I enjoyed my job, because not only did I minister to the youth, I also had contact with many of the clients in the community. I was able to share with everyone the love and compassion that God has for them. I want to show people what God has to offer through officership.

Cadet Ron Wehnau
Santa Maria Corps, Calif.

In my last job I was a satellite system installer in Sacramento. I have found that I am very good working with my hands, as well as working with people. I love people and I love the Lord, and I know that he will use me where I can best serve him.

Cadet Barbara Wehnau
Santa Maria Corps, Calif.

I am a wife and mother of two elementary school children. I have worked at our corps in many different jobs for the last 11 years. I love the Lord and want to spread his word throughout the world.

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Strickland Responds for Session Mates

by Cadet Derek Strickland –  (Ed note: The following is taken from

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