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A tribute to Ian

RUTH FAIRBANK RAISES the flag in front of Pasadena Tabernacle. The new flagpole was dedicated in memory of her husband Ian.

Close to the entrance of the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, the Blood and Fire flag of The Salvation Army flies just beneath Old Glory on a new 35-foot flagpole dedicated to God and country in honor of one of her finest soldiers ­ Sergeant Major emeritus Ian Fairbank, promoted to Glory one year ago.

Fairbank’s widow, Ruth, raised the banners on high and snugged them tight to the halyard during the first flag raising on the newly dedicated mast purchased for the corps by scores of Ian’s friends and fellow Salvationists.

Captain Edward Hill, Tabernacle corps officer, reminded the assembled crowd that Ian had long believed that the corps should “show its colors,” and that the flag of the United States and The Salvation Army should wave proudly together to remind worshippers and the passing community what this Army stands for.

During the short service of dedication, the Tabernacle band played the Arch Wiggins song Yellow star and red and blue,/ Blood and fire through and through,/ That’s the flag for me and you,/The flag of The Salvation Army.

As Old Glory climbed the mast, the congregation joined in “The Star Spangled Banner” and as the Army flag took its place just beneath, the band played So we’ll lift up the banner on high/ The salvation banner of love; / We’ll fight beneath it’s colors ’til we die, /Then go to our home above.

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