Encore and Vocalize 2015 results

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The Salvation Army Western Territory held its 4th annual youth music, arts and spoken word and poetry competitions during Commissioning weekend in Pasadena, Calif, June 13. Although labeled a “competition,” the goal of the event is to inspire the youth to contribute regularly at their corps.

This year’s results:


Dance Solo A
1st Faith Freeman (Tustin Ranch)
2nd Citali Aguilar (San Jose Temple)

Dance Solo B
1st Brianna Pope (Coos Bay)
2nd Hannah Bridgeo (Torrance)
3rd Jasmyn Jackson (Mesa Citadel)

Dance Troupe A
1st San Luis Bispo
2nd Tucson Amphi

Dance Troupe B
1st Kaneohe
2nd Anchorage Korean
3rd Las Vegas Citadel

 Drama Troupe B
1st Riverside
2nd Sacramento Citadel
3rd Prescott

 Monologue A
1st William Park (Anchorage Korean)
2nd Jacob Ferguson (Tustin Ranch)
3rd Shanon Johnson (Concord)

Monologue B
1st Isabel Fairclough (Torrance)
2nd Marta Minjares (Sacramento Citadel)
3rd Patrick Quintero (Tucson Amphi)

Monologue C
1st Katie Kim (Tucson Korean)

Timbrels A
1st Sacramento Citadel
2nd Pasadena Tabernacle
3rd Las Vegas Citadel

Timbrels B
1st Sacramento Citadel
2nd Hilo Temple
3rd Escondido

Brass I
1st Isaac White (Mesa Citadel)
2nd Alex Freeman (Tustin Ranch)
3rd Morgan Jones (San Diego Citadel)

Brass II
1st Aaron Sullivan (Gresham)
2nd Kaylynn Jones (San Diego Citadel)
3rd Caterra Ransburg (Tacoma)

Brass III
1st Landon Smith (Torrance)
2nd Rhys Jones (San Diego Citadel)
3rd Anders Wennstig (Seattle Temple)

 Brass IV
1st Kyle Santiago (Reno)

Percussion II
1st Amaya Ponce (Caldwell)
2nd Jeremy Parks (Escondido)

Percussion III
1st Isaiah Estrada (Escondido)

Piano I
1st Isaac White (Mesa Citadel)
2nd Xin Yu Zhang (San Gabriel)
3rd Cristian Barajas (Escondido)

Piano II
1st Devin Petersen (Spokane)
2nd Zachary White (Mesa Citadel)
3rd Lily Lin (San Gabriel)

 Piano III
1st Braden Begonia (KROC Hawaii)
2nd Katie Kim (Tucson Korean)

 Piano IV
1st Alex Sparrow (Pomona)

Youth Band
1st San Diego Citadel
2nd Torrance
3rd Concord

Vocal I
1st Shanon Johnson (Concord)
2nd Callie Francis (Torrance)
3rd William Park (Anchorage Korean)

Vocal II
1st Glory Soriano (Murrieta)
2nd Sheryn Johnson (Concord)
3rd Kelsie Groenleer (Las Vegas Citadel)

Vocal III
1st Noelle Stewart (San Diego Citadel)
2nd Amber Kauffman (Sacramento Citadel)
3rd Jennifer Sanchez (Santa Clara)

Singing Company
1st Kauluwela
2nd Anchorage Korean
3rd San Diego Citadel


Under 25 Category
1st Naomi Stewart, “Adams and Eves” (Kaneohe Corps)
2nd Stephen Hartt, “Caught Up In Booth’s Vision” (Prescott Corps)
3rd Michael Galindo, “Sometimes I Feel” (CFOT)

Over 25 Category
1st Daniel Freeman, “Irony of the Lord” (Anaheim ARC)
2nd Ryan Lehman, “I Knock” (Anaheim ARC)
3rd Daniel Noland, “Disciples” (Renton Corps)

Honorary Mentions (in no particular order)
Adi Sherman, “I Am More” (Eastside)
Rose Robinson, “Who Shall I Send?” (Moreno Valley)
Cris, “Taunting Ghosts” (San Fernando Valley)
Chase White, “My Love for the Lord” (Anaheim ARC)
Anthony Fletcher, “May You Find Him Now” (Anaheim ARC)
Jeffery Whynaught, “I Am We Are” (Anaheim ARC)

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