Eight-Year-Old Opens Game at the Forum

“BY THE DAWN’S EARLY LIGHT”–Megan Hawk sings the national anthem at a Sparks game at the Inglewood Forum, home of the Los Angeles Lakers.


By Brian Pickering – 

Imagine God giving you the gift of song at age 8…and one day showcasing your talent before thousands of people, including Reggie Miller of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) Indiana Pacers, and Lisa Leslie, a rising star for the Los Angeles Sparks of the new Women’s National Basketball Assoc-iation, and having these two athletes personally congratulate you on your performance.

For young Megan Hawk of The Salvation Army in Riverside, Calif., this scene became reality.

Hawk, daughter of Captains Guy and Denise Hawk of the Riverside Corps, recently sang the national anthem prior to a Sparks game at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, Calif., which is also the home of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Following her rendition, Leslie approached Hawk, spoke with her and shook her hand, while Miller, who was doing the commentary for Lifetime TV, congratulated her after the game.

In addition to the Sparks game, Megan also sang the national anthem prior to two San Bernardino Stampede games (class A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers) and one Lake Elsinore Storm game (class A affiliate of the Anaheim Angels) during the summer.

She was also showcased at the Army’s Sierra Del Mar Divisional Music Camp during the summer when she took first place in the solo competition for children ages 6-11, and later sang the national anthem at the dedication of the Army’s camp in the Sierra Del Mar Division.

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