Del Oro youth seek identity

Youth councils’ delegates find identity in Christ.

by Vickie Gilden, Captain –

Delegates interact outdoors. [Photo by Dan Williams]

“Who am I?” asked over 200 young people, youth leaders and corps officers of the Del Oro Division during their youth councils weekend at Camp Redwood Glen, ultimately realizing true identity in Christ.

Keeping the energy strong were the uplifting worship led by Abraham Guevara along with the team from Revolution Hawaii, the testimony of Cadet (now Lieutenant) Kari Rudd, and messages from Rob Noland (Revolution Hawaii), Lt. Colonel Dave Hudson and Captain Shevaun Malone.

On Saturday morning, delegates viewed the movie, To Save a Life, which addressed issues facing many youth: teen suicide, self-mutilation, sex, teen pregnancy, bullying and depression. Afterwards, they participated in discussion groups. Alex Neely, Santa Rosa Corps, said, “I felt I was all alone in some of my thoughts, like I was crazy. But as I listened to others share in the chat session I learned that a lot of teens feel the same way as me and have gotten through with God’s strength. This gives me hope, and makes me feel good.”

The entire delegation traveled to San Francisco to assemble and pack meals in the Golden State Division’s “Million Meals for Haiti” event, finding a blessing in offering tangible help to those affected by the devastating earthquake. Delegate Tony Cortez said, “I have never had the chance to help someone across the world until now. I thank The Salvation Army and God for giving me that chance.”

Youth councils was the catalyst for a change that can only come from being in God’s presence. Alison Black, a young Salvationist visiting from the Scotland Ayr Citadel Corps said she was impacted by the setting and the chance to talk with peers about actual things happening in their lives.

As they prepared to leave camp, many delegates left their fingerprints on the cross—as a visible sign of their true, and for many, changed identity in Christ. Kat Kyle from the Grass Valley Corps, said, “I am a transformed person as of youth councils. God really and truly convicted me of all the things I conform to at school and now I feel much more free and loved than ever before. I believe that youth councils saved me from myself.”

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