Del Oro Has ‘Metamorphosis’

by Lt. Lisa Van Cleef –

More than 200 women from the Del Oro Division recently joined together at the “Metamorphosis: Women of Excellence” Divisional Home League conference to consider the butterfly and the continual process of change that is part of the Christian life.

“Change inevitably comes and can be difficult at times,” said guest leader Lt. Colonel Joann Brodin, director of Women’s Organizations for the Alaska Division. “Our unchanging God searches for us and things he can do in us. We can therefore face the future and change confident in our God.”

Lt. Colonel April Strickland, divisional director of Women’s Organiz-ations, addressed the similarities between the butterfly and the women’s abilities to be what God has intended. “One butterfly egg holds the full potential of that butterfly. We can liken that to us­we are created with the full potential to live for God,” said Strickland. “In each of us, transformation depends on our choices and decisions.”

Nearly 20 women made decisions to follow Christ during the conference’s Holiness meeting.

Held at Simpson Bible College in Redding, Calif., the conference was kicked off by an award banquet during which Home Leagues were recognized for achieving the National Goals Awards.

A silent auction and love offering taken at the conference raised over $1,000 for the territorial Home League project, Liberia.

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