Del Oro Division Turns ‘Rescue 911’ into Rescue 119

by Joy Gardner and Trina Whipple – 

The Annual SAY Rally was a memorable youth event for the Del Oro Division. Captain Clayton Gardner and the Del Oro youth department kicked off the day with music videos by DC Talk, Newsboys, and other popular Christian groups.

Captain Pam Gardner, Major April Strickland, and Joy Gardner led children from all around Northern California in ingenious games. Some were shooting Q-tips from straws, racing remote control cars while blindfolded, and making as much noise as possible as candy was launched into the crowd.

The youth department provided a thought provoking skit, “Focus on the Family.” Based on Psalms 119:11, “Rescue 119” was a spin-off of the hit TV show, “Rescue 911.” A young boy was faced with the decision to join a cult that required their members to worship their leader. After the Rescue 119 operator helped him find the correct verse to prove that “worshipping” a person was wrong, the cult members left in dejection and defeat. Gardner gave a short devotional, following the skit, on how God is constantly looking out for us. Touched by the devotional, 70 seekers came forward.

A delicious lunch provided by the hosting corps gave the youngsters a chance to visit with their friends and corps leaders.

A fire truck made a surprise visit after lunch. The firefighters gave a short speech on fire safety, and then let the kids take turns examining the truck and shooting the fire hose.

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