Cycling for a cause

PressRelease_14PressRelease_14PressRelease_14Retired officer will raise awareness and funds for hunger causes.

By Karen Gleason – 

Recently retired Salvation Army Major Martin Cooper, 66, will embark on a cross-country bicycle trip this month to raise awareness and funds for hunger causes in the U.S.

“As I look back over our career, one thing is most memorable to me and that is the need in America,” he said. “During our service we have helped hundreds of thousands of homeless [individuals] and people in need and yet we still fall short.”

Ironically, according to Cooper, in some countries identified as low income, people feed each other, making sure no one goes hungry. He mentioned his daughter who lives in Pakistan and a minister he knows from Ghana, who say that people share their food with those in need.

“So my inspiration for going on this journey is to help those who can’t help themselves,” he said.


According to Feeding America’s most recent data, the food insecurity rate for children in the U.S. is 21.6 percent—meaning over one in five kids are going hungry.

“We’re just not doing enough,” Cooper said.

He leaves May 15 from Medford, Ore., and will camp out along his route to Washington, D.C. Cooper’s goal is 100 miles per day, weather and stamina permitting; he expects to be on the road a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 40. Follow his Facebook page, Bike Across America to End Hunger, for updates.

“I expect to experience the kindness of people in America,” he said.

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