Cy Young Award winner announced

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Award recognizes those who pitch Army stories to mainstream media.

Suzy Woodruff Lacey with her Cy Young Award.

The first place winner of the 2nd CY YOUNG AWARD for Story Pitching is Suzi Woodruff Lacey from the Sierra del Mar Division! Her winning entry was a television story she pitched on how high gas prices are hurting Salvation Army ministry. Lacey skillfully used a current news angle to tell an important Salvation Army story.

The story was told from the viewpoint of a young woman who is able to participate in Army programs throughout the week because the Army sends a van to pick up the kids from her neighborhood. The TV piece included clips of her participating in a youth music event and interviews with Sierra del Mar Leaders Lt. Colonels Doug and Diane O’Brien, who describe the Army programs that use vehicles for ministry. They educate the public about how high gas prices impact the cost of providing vans for transporting program participants, supplies from food pantries and even home delivered meals.

To back up her claim, Lacey also used statistics: During his interview, O’Brien calculated that the increase in gas prices would cost the Army an extra $75-100,000 this year to keep vehicles on the road in Sierra del Mar. The nearly three-minute story ended with a call to action from the news anchor, who asked the public to help the Army raise financial gifts to support program services.

Lacey carefully researched the topic and the reporter to whom she pitched it. The resulting story provides a snapshot of a compelling youth music program, profiles one of the participants, features the divisional leaders describing the mission of the Army, uses statistics, and capitalizes on a news trend experienced by all California drivers!
The current pitching period for the 3rd CY YOUNG AWARD for Story Pitching will cover June 1 through December 31, 2007. Please send your pitching entry to Kathy Lovin in the Community Relations Department at Territorial Headquarters no later than Friday, January 18, 2008. For contest rules and guidelines, please contact Kathy Lovin directly at

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