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World Youth Convention website launches.

On 15 July 2010, 1,000 Salvationist youth will gather in Stockholm, Sweden, for the World Youth Convention (WYC), under the theme “Raised Up.” General Shaw Clifton, with Commissioner Helen Clifton, will lead the convention.

The website is now online, offering information on the city of Stockholm, the Stockholm University campus where the delegates will reside, and various youth hostels. A virtual tour is also available.

The website will continually expand to include articles, prayer requests, testimonies, and information about participating creative arts groups. Delegates can find themselves in “Who will be there?” and discover others who will be attending.

Future development will enable contact between delegates, so they can become acquainted with each other before the event. They will also be able to invite others to become “virtual delegates.”

During the convention, the website will feature live-streamed events from Sweden. Delegates at WYC will be able to view similar youth events via satellite from selected sites around the world. This may well become the largest Salvation Army youth event ever.

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From a report by the WYC team

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